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Application Security.

Build secure software more easily by investing in your AppSec program. Find potential vulnerabilities before writing a single line of code, shift security left.

Our Core Offerings.

Application Security Strategy Assessment

Find out how well your development process matches up with DevSecOps best practices. Identify areas for improvement and walk away with a clear roadmap to make developing secure software easier.

Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud PaaS services makes security easier, however designing secure architecture and setting secure configurations is key. Uncover hidden security gaps in your current setup. Measure twice, build once.

Threat Modelling Training

Demystify threat modelling. Our training breaks down complex concepts into actionable strategies and equips your engineers with the skills to identify vulnerabilities before any code is written.

Secure Code Training

XXE, CORS, and SSRF aren't new trendy bands. Write more secure and resilient software by understanding security vulnerability classes. Know when a quick "LGTM" is enough in a PR.

Why Project Black?

We Can Write Code!

We probably can't code as well as you of course, but we know how the sausage is made. Having the skills to read and write code means we can spot security issues that others might miss, giving us an edge in keeping your software safe.

Certified Consultants

Our application security experts boasts prestigious certifications such as GIAC's GCSA and Microsoft's AZ500, ensuring that our DevSecOps advice is practical and integrates seamlessly with your development lifecycle.

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Shift Left

Penetration testing isn't the only way to identify vulnerabilities in your application! Embrace the 'shift left' approach, incorporate threat modelling and Static Application Security Testing (SAST) early in the development cycle.

Commitment to Innovation

Attacker methodologies continuously evolve, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Project Black invests significantly in research and development. This commitment to continuous learning and innovation ensures that the techniques and tools remain cutting edge. Check out our research blog.


  • Our app is built on QuackStack and Duckscript, can you help?

    Yes, finding security vulnerabilities is more about pattern recognition than understanding language specific syntax.

  • How do I know if I need these services?

    Securing an application shouldn't feel like playing whac-a-mole. If you keep finding the same vulnerability classes, consider more strategic approaches to remediation like uplifting your AppSec program.

  • Why should I perform threat modelling?

    15 minutes threat modelling with a diagram can save hours or weeks of engineering rework later.

  • Can the training be customised for my organisation?

    Of course, whether it's PCI DSS, ISO 27001, or you're just being proactive, we can tailor training to provide the most relevant guidance.

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